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Success Stories

We value our patients' experience at Atlas Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view. .
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Thank you! Dr. Ralph DeMarino

I'm so happy I was put in touch with Atlas Wellness Center, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their health.  I was suffering for two years(!) with neck, shoulder, and back pain. I'd done some rehab at my gym with my trainer and spent three months in physical therapy but with no diagnosis and only minimal improvement. I was recommended to AWC for both massage and chiropractic care but was wary of chiropractors after having seen some that didn't inspire my confidence.
Well, in my first visit to Dr. Ralph, he not only diagnosed my problems with %100 accuracy but also removed the primary source of pain in my middle back. Such a relief! I'm now seeing him and Jen the massage therapist and am experiencing tremendous improvement in my neck range of motion, reduction in pain, and overall feeling of health and vitality.  They both are in tune with my problems and are working in synch to improve my health.  I feel very confident in their care and can't recommend them enough. My only regret is that I wish I'd started treatment two years sooner!
Cheers, Kurt Runco

 Thanks for everything!!!
"I'm a dancer, and when I first visited Dr. Ralph I was suffering from extreme lower back pain and occasional spasms.  After only about a month of seeing Dr. Ralph, the pain has significantly decreased and I have a much better range of motion than before.  I know that I will continue to dance, and beat up on my body, but now I have the security of knowing that I have someone who can fix me up and send me back on my way."
Maggie Ludwig-Albert

“I would recommend any patient to Dr. Ralph because he truly is concerned about your wellbeing. You will feel better just by talking to him! Atlas Wellness Center is like one big happy family. They are friendly and have prompt service. I would recommend any of my friends to Dr. Ralph.”


General Health

“Before going to Dr. Ralph, I had constant headaches, my stomach hurt after eating, my shoulders were sore, and my back and legs were in constant pain. After going to Dr. Ralph for just about a month, my condition has improved greatly. My headaches have gone away completely, my stomach doesn’t hurt as often, my shoulders feel better and my legs don’t always feel sore the way they used to. Going to Dr. Ralph has definitely improved my health and helped me feel better on a daily basis.” 


 “A friend of mine introduced me to Dr. Ralph DeMarino, who changed my life forever. I went to see him, and when I entered his office, my body was in a lot of pain and I was also very depressed. After only one visit, I noticed an immediate change in how my body was feeling and I was standing up straight again. For the longest time, I would only manage to get about 3 to 5 hours of sleep a night, but now I was getting a full 8 hours of sleep again. Since I’ve started treatments with Dr. DeMarino, I have stopped the use of all my pain medications , I am no longer depressed, and I have taken on a much more positive outlook. I would like to send a very special thank you to Dr. DeMarino for giving my life vision and focus once again.”


Back and Neck Pain

“Prior to coming to Atlas Wellness Center, I had tried traditional physical therapy to remedy my condition (severe back pain while walking or standing). After six weeks of chiropractic care, I was able to walk and stand without pain. Maintenance visits have continued to make me pain free for the past nine months.”


"I came to your clinic seeking treatment for chronic neck and back spasms, which had dogged me for several years and were most likely caused by prolonged computer use. Surprisingly, your clinic was recommended to me by my physical therapist, who was unable to cure me using conventional methods and was frustrated by my lack of progress after three months of physical therapy sessions. Your treatment, unlike physical therapy, was painless and improved my health quickly and steadily. Within a few weeks, my neck spasms and the related pain was gone and my back was close to being essentially cured. I will continue a maintenance treatment process in hope of controlling future problem. It is noteworthy that your staff was friendly and highly accommodating in lieu of my frequent requests to reschedule appointments. I can say without reservation that your methods have helped me immensely. ”

  -Spiros M

"I had been suffering from severe low back pain for almost a month. One of my coworkers referred me to Dr. Ralph DeMarino and i was able to make an appointment the same day. Going into the appointment, I was experiencing a lot of pain. Bending over caused pain that took my breath away and sitting down was very uncomfortable. After my first appointment with Dr. Ralph, I felt amazing relief. I left being able to bend over with no pain and performing regular daily activities was no longer painful."

-David H

Digestive Problems

“I have suffered from lower intestinal pains for three to four years. I have tried several different medications with only minor results. After having a back injury, I made an appointment with Dr. Ralph DeMarino . I started going in late June and since that time I have been very fortunate to have been free from stomach or intestinal discomfort. I am very pleased with the results that Dr. Ralph has given me. The pains have all but stopped, and I have never felt better. I truly believe that the chiropractic help that I have received has also helped my intestinal problems. Dr. Ralph goes highly recommended.”


Headaches and Migraines

  “When I first met Dr. DeMarino I had been suffering from migraine headaches from 4-6 days out of each week. The headaches were getting progressively more often and more severe over the last few years. I had tried several prescription medications and been to several doctors but nothing worked. With Dr. Demarino's care, I can now live my life without worrying that a headache may interfere or that I have pill bottles with me all the time. Dr. DeMarino treated my headaches with open friendliness that is rare in doctor’s offices anymore. He even called me in from off the street one day I happened to be passing by, to check on a headache I had the day before and upon hearing I wasn't feeling better, took me in for an immediate adjustment. I feel I have received more than just good chiropractic service; I have gotten the attention and caring of a man that cares when people are suffering and truly wants to make them feel better."


Sciatic Nerve

 “After an emergency visit with my primary care physician, I was diagnosed with sciatic nerve, and given a prescription for some form of steroids for pain relief. Because of the side effects caused by this drug and other steroids I was reluctant to fill the prescription and take the medicine as instructed. I sought out to find natural pain relief. After my first visit with Dr. Ralph, the pain subsided and I had the confidence of running a marathon. I have continued feeling better after each adjustment, and I highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone suffering sciatic nerve.”